Getting to the heart of anything means getting to its essence” – Steven Hayes

 We are very excited to announce that we will repeat our ACT-retreat on Zanzibar in 2024. Once again Robyn and Darrah will guide you through a 4 day workshop in ACT where they will teach you how to become fluent and flexible in the model and helping you take your ACT-skills to the next level. The retreat will also have a deep focus on the therapist and how you can develop in your own life. In other words you are guaranteed to level up in ACT and in your own life.

The retreat is born out of values. First of all we wish to invite you on a personal and professional journey, expanding your understanding of ACT and help you to get to the very essence of ACT – its heart.

Second we wish for this retreat to be about giving and doing for the less fortunate. In the words of Mary Anne Radmacher; “As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way”. Last time we managed to raise 10.500 USD for Rising Hope and we are hoping to raise the same amount this time.  Rising Hope is a charity organisation that helps improving the lives of marginalised groups in Tanzania and Zanzibar. You can read more about Rising Hope down below.

We are looking forward to see you in Zanzibar.

What will you learn

After the success of the first, another wonderful week on the island seemed just the thing to do, engaging in a deep dive experience of building ACT skills and enhancing personal growth through self-reflection.

In this retreat, we not only hope to continue to grow the funds raised for Rising Hope but also to continue to share the passion we have for ACT with those interested in learning the approach. We will engage in the practice of conscious living which will require exploration of content, processes, techniques, and the foundational goals but also self-reflective work expanding personal psychological flexibility in creating a meaningful life. The fullness of psychological flexibility will be explored, recognizing its capacity to support curiosity in living, adaptation to various situational demands, and shifting mindsets or behavioral repertoires so that you and your clients can switch strategies when personal or social functioning is compromised. Practicing being aware, open, and committed to behaviors congruent with deeply held values is the essence of living well.

Given these goals we will engage in meditative and reflective practices as well as skill building during the week – connecting to ACT from a more in-depth, experiential, and heartfelt place.

This retreat will include:
Deepening your process of conscious living and creating meaning or purpose in life.

Working with self-as-context to deepen your understanding of this transcendent sense of self, and helping to create the basis for compassion.

Increasing awareness through perspective-taking with the goal of improving psychological flexibility in the service of your and your client’s well-being.

Integrating the experiential self into everyday life, exploring how sensations and the body play a part in the psychological experience, and recognizing experiential knowledge more deeply in understanding the self.

Exploring existential matters, acknowledging limited time, the reality of our own death, and thus our need to take responsibility for our behavior. The interconnectedness of existentialism and ACT using mediations, exercises, and dialogue will also be a part of the self-reflective work traveled in this retreat.

Guided and reflective meditations will occur throughout the retreat – growing your personal awareness and your connection to yourself, others, and nature

We will also engage in experiential, roleplay, and didactic work to deepen your ACT- knowledge for personal and professional growth.

About Rising Hope

Rising Hope is a NGO, registered in Denmark since May 2013 with the aim of supporting communities in improving the living conditions of marginalised groups.  

In 2012 Stine Andersen was in Zanzibar, Tanzania volunteering at a number of different rehabilitation centers for drug addicts. Here, she experienced, that while there were many rehabilitation centers and aftercare projects for men, the options for treatment for women were almost nonexistent. This experience sparked the beginning of Rising Hope and since then we have been working to enhance the conditions for female drug addicts in Tanzania, before, during and after treatment. 

We work through a hands on, buttom up approach together with our local partner organization in Tanzania. Our partner organization is called The Light of Miracle and the management are women who themselves have been drug addicts. I 2018 we opened the first and only rehabilitation center i Tanzania which is only FOR women and managed only BY women. In 2021 we started a new project focusing on aftercare and reintegration into society after ended treatment. Since we started the rehabilitation center in 2018, 51 women have gone through treatment and out of them, 28 women are still clean.

You can read more about Rising Hope and their mission here:

A video about Rising Hope

The founders

Robyn Walser

Robyn is Director of TL Consultation Services and co-director of the Bay Area Trauma Recovery Center and staff at the National Center for PTSD, Dissemination and Training Division. As a licensed psychologist, she maintains an international training, consulting and therapy practice. She is an expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and has co-authored 4 books on ACT including a book on learning ACT. She also has expertise in traumatic stress and substance abuse and has authored a number of articles, chapters and books on these topics. Dr. Walser has been described as a “passionate, creative, and bold ACT trainer and therapist” and she is best known for her dynamic, warm and challenging workshops. She is often referred to as a clinician’s clinician. 

Darrah Westrup

Darrah Westrup, Ph.D. is an ACBS fellow, clinical psychologist, consultant and peer reviewed ACT trainer.  Along with maintaining a private practice, Darrah regularly provides national and international trainings and workshops and has authored or co-authored four books on ACT, including Advanced ACT: An Experienced Practitioner’s Guide to Optimizing Delivery. She resides in Durango, Colorado with her husband and daughter.

Morten Hedegaard

Morten is a Danish psychologist and founder of Praxia. He is the former president of the Danish ACBS
chapter, a student of Robyn Walser and currently the co-author of a book called “The therapeutic
relationship in ACT“. Morten is passionate about ACT and especially helping therapists moving beyond
the basic and teach them how to apply ACT in fluent manner to their clients and in their own lives.

Morten spent a year in Zanzibar as a teacher where he fell in love with the island. Morten learned first-
hand what the beautiful surroundings and atmosphere can do to you. An idea started taking shape of
one day being able to give that to other psychologist and the ACT-retreat was born.

Listen to what Robyn and Darrah says about the retreat

About Zanzibar

Zanzibar is the essence of a tropical paradise with turquoise water, white sandy beaches and rich cultural history. We will be staying in the little village Paje which is an hour away from Stone Town. We have chosen Paje because it offers something for everyone. Whether you are into recreational activities or water sports like diving or kitesurfing, Paje has it all. Paje has managed to keep its local identity and is a place where everyone will feel right at home. In other words, Paje is the perfect place to immerse yourself in personal growth

The program

Saturday 13/01:

Arrival and welcome to Zanzibar. You will receive the keys to your rooms and receive all the necessary information for the retreat.
In the afternoon we will take a tour around Paje and in the evening we will have a welcome dinner

Sunday 14/01

9:00 am Breakfast
12:00 pm Lunch
Nothing is scheduled so you can explore Paje or enjoy recreational activities.

Monday 15/01

7:00 am Optional morning yoga
8:00 am Breakfast is served
9:00 – 2pm Day 1 of training (lunch is from 12 – 1pm)

Tuesday 16/01

8:00 am Breakfast is served
9:00 – 2p m Day 2 of training (lunch is from 12 – 1pm)

Wednesday 17/01

8:00 am: Breakfast is served
12 – 1 pm Lunch
We are taking the day off, so you can relax by the beach or take a trip

Thursday 18/01

7:00 am Optional morning yoga
8:00 am Breakfast is served
9:00 – 2pm Day 3 of training (lunch is from 12 – 1pm)

Friday 19/01:

8:00 am Breakfast is served
9:00 – 2pm Day 4 of training (lunch is from 12 – 1pm)
In the evening we will have a little “goodbye to Zanzibar” event

Saturday 20/01

End of the retreat


We will be staying at the beautiful The Garden Guesthouse which is located at the heart of Paje. We have carefully chosen The Garden as it has the perfect conditions for concentration and peace during our entire retreat. The Garden was built by a group of Danes with the purpose of creating a refugee for digital nomads, yogis and likeminded. The guesthouse has the ideal location for the retreat since it is a bit secluded which makes it quiet and calm and yet it is within walking distance from the beach and Paje city center.

The Garden is of course equipped with wi-fi, A/C in all the rooms, a cozy lounge area, outdoor gym and a swimming pool. Their inhouse chef will prepare a healthy and tasty breakfast and lunch for us every day. The classes will take place at their rooftop terrace which has a beautiful view overlooking the ocean and will be the ideal place to immerse yourself into ACT.

In other words The Garden is the perfect place for serenity and personal growth. We make sure that you will feel at home.

The Practical Stuff


Shared room (you can pick your own roommate or be assigned one): 16595 DKK (approx. 2470 USD).

Early bird price. Sign up before the 1st of september 14595 DKK (approx. 2172 USD)

Dorm: If you are 3-4 people who can share a condo you can get a discount. Send an email for more information


13. january 2024 – 20. january 2024

Who can join:

Anyone who has an interest in ACT. It is however a prerequisite that you have an introductory ACT-class.

What’s included:

The price include 7 days of accomodation, breakfast and lunch all 7 days, welcome and farewell dinner, 4 days of workshop and airport transfer. Flight is not included!

I'm In! How do I sign up?

Send en email to and then you will the necessary information and a bank account where you can transfer the deposit for the retreat. Your reservation is confirmed once we’ve received your deposit.


How do I pay: You will receive an invoice with all the necessary information to do a bank transfer

Can I get my own room: We only offer shared rooms due to the limited amount of rooms at the guesthouse. However it is possible that you can find your own hotel and get a reduced price. Contact us at for more information

Why do I need an introductory class: This is an advanced workshop with advanced exercises so to make sure that you benefit the most from the retreat it’s important that you have a basic understanding of ACT.

Can I pick my own roommate: Yes you can. Let us know in the email when you sign up.

Is there vegetarian/vegan meal options: Yes

What about VISA: You need a tourist VISA when you enter Zanzibar. You can apply for it online or at the airport on arrival.

Can I book trips etc. through the guesthouse: Yes it is possible to book various tours and trips through the guesthouse. You can do it on arrival.

If I want to extend my stay a few extra days is that possible then: Yes you can book some extra nights if you wish. Contact the guesthouse through what’s app on the number +45 60 60 03 85

Can I get a refund in case I’m not able to attend: If you already paid the deposit then unfortunately we can’t refund it in case you are not able to attend. But you are more than welcome to sell your seat to someone else.